- Low Voiding
- Reduced Head-in-Pillow
- Long Pause-to-Print Capabilities
- Precise Fine Feature Print Definition
- Excellent Wetting with No/Low-Silver
- Extremely Low Residues
- Print Speeds up to 6”/Sec (150mm/Sec)


AIM’s NC259 solder paste has been developed for use with no/low-silver alloys while retaining the performance of high-silver SAC alloys. NC259 demonstrates pause-to-print capabilities >8 hours while providing high transfer efficiency and precise print definition. The NC259 activator system promotes wetting even in the absence of silver and tolerates peak reflow temperatures as high as 260°C. When combined with SN100C®, NC259 produces bright, smooth solder joints and exhibits low voiding on both BGA and BTC packages.