AIM Solder Paste

AIM's complete line of solder paste has been developed to deliver robust performance, ease of use and cost effectiveness. AIM solder pastes resolve difficult issues including QFN voiding, low area ratio printing, and high reliability requirements for consumer, LED, automotive, aerospace and military applications.

AIM solder paste is available in no clean, water soluble, and RMA formulations with a wide variety of alloy offerings including AIM’s proven REL alloys, SAC, SN100C® and lead-based solders. AIM’s alloy and flux combinations provide high quality performance for a wide variety of SMT applications. In addition to SAC based SMT paste, AIM offers low temperature solder paste and jetting solder paste.


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No Clean Solder Paste

AIM’s no clean solder paste combines performance and reliability without the expense of cleaning. Designed to provide stable transfer efficiencies, powerful wetting, and low voiding, AIM no clean solder pastes address current and future assembly challenges. AIM’s full line of no clean solder paste is available in a wide selection of alloys to meet your process requirements. AIM has partnered with industry cleaner and chemistry manufacturers to ensure residue can be removed when necessary. 

 H10 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

 M8 Solder Paste

 V9 Low-Voiding Solder Paste

 J8 Solder Paste

 NC259FPA Ultrafine Solder Paste

 NC273LT Solder Paste

 NC257MD Solder Paste


Water Soluble Solder Paste

AIM’s water soluble solder paste products have been engineered for powerful wetting and exceptional print performance even in high humidity environments. AIM water soluble paste residues are easily removed with DI water alone up to 48 hours after reflow, even under low stand-off devices. AIM’s formulations provide a low foaming solder paste that can extend closed loop filtration service life. AIM’s water soluble product offerings exceed industry demands for a reliable, low voiding solder paste.

 W20 Solder Paste

 WS488 Solder Paste


RMA/RA Solder Paste

AIM’s RMA/RA solder pastes are designed for use where mil spec performance is required. AIM rosin based solder pastes provide modern paste print performance combined with traditional military compliance. Additionally, AIM’s RMA/RA solder pastes can withstand extended hot reflow profiles required for backplane and thermally massive assemblies. AIM’s rosin solder pastes provide superior performance on oxidized or uncleaned surfaces and long pause-to-print capabilities. AIM has partnered with aqueous, solvent and vapor degreaser cleaning manufacturers to ensure residues can be removed with all systems and leave no white residue.

 RMA258-15R Solder Paste


Low Temperature Solder Paste

AIM’s low temperature solder paste offers exceptional performance combined with peak reflow temperatures as low as 170°C. AIM’s NC273LT solder paste provides 8+ hour stencil life, stable transfer efficiency and excellent wetting, while eliminating solder balling that is common with bismuth bearing pastes.

 NC273LT Solder Paste


Solder Paste Selection Guide:

Product Flux Type Available Powder Sizes* Standard Alloys* Dispensing Capability Product Attributes
M8 No Clean T4 - T6 REL22™
SAC Alloys
Sn/Pb Alloys
Sn/Cu Alloys
Yes • Low voiding
• Fine pitch printing
• Mitigates print defects (HiP)
• Minimal, transparent, and easy to clean residues
NC273LT No Clean T4 - T6 Sn/Bi Alloys Yes • Used for low or reduced temperature applications
• Improved wetting for use with bismuth alloys
• 8+ hour stencil life
J8 No Clean T6 SAC Alloys
Sn/Pb Alloys
Jetting • Low voiding
• No Skips
• Capable of 200μm deposits
NC257MD No Clean T5 SAC305
Sn63/Pb37 Alloys
Jetting • For use in Mycronic Jet Printers
• Prolongs ejector life
• Reduces voiding
W20 Water Soluble T4 SAC305 No • Halogen/Halide Free
• Residue easily cleaned in DI Water
• 8+ hour stencil life
• 2+ week extended cleaning window
WS488 Water Soluble T4 - T6 SAC Alloys
Sn/Pb Alloys
Yes • Excellent wetting
• Residue easily cleaned in DI water
• Superior slump resistance
• 8+ hour stencil life
RMA258-15R Rosin T4 - T6 SAC Alloys
Sn/Pb Alloys

• Long pause-to-print capabilities
• Reduced voiding
• For use during long, hot reflow profiles

* Additional alloys and powder sizes may be available upon request.