Solder Materials for the Automotive Industry

AIM Your Partner in Automotive Electronics


AIM Solder concentrates its research on solder paste and alloys for current and emerging requirements of the automotive industry. Collaboration with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers drives innovation in processes and materials.

AIM’s high-reliability REL alloys and void-free solder pastes were developed in these partnerships to improve on existing technologies.


AIM Solder Understands Automotive Industry Challenges

Benefits of Partnering with AIM:

• Proven materials for advanced reliability, emerging technology and increased functionality

• IATF 16949:2016 Certified

• Consistency of product quality, product performance, and product delivery on an international scale

• Access to training and support in local language and local time across the globe



Recommended AIM Automotive Solder Products

Below please find a list of AIM's recommended products designed primarily for automotive applications.


AIM REL22TM Solder Alloy

- Unparalleled in Extreme Thermal Cycling Applications 

- Powertrain, Underhood, LED Exterior Lighting, ADAS

- Outperforms First Generation SAC+Ni+Sb+Bi  High Reliability Alloys

- Mitigates Tin Whisker Formation

- Available in Bar, Wire & Paste


AIM REL61TM Solder Alloy

- Enhanced Durability for Use in Harsh Environments 

- Infotainment, In-cabin Electronics, Interior Lighting

- Low Cost SAC Alloy

- Mitigates Tin Whisker Formation

- Available in Bar, Wire & Paste