Solder Alloys

AIM Solder provides high quality alloys and complimentary materials to the electronics industry. AIM’s variety of solder alloys provide solutions for issues commonly found within the SMT assembly industry. AIM products are produced using AIM’s proprietary ElectropureTM process that produce a low drossing and low oxide alloy. AIM's solder alloys are engineered to be compatible with a variety of PCB assembly products including solder paste, solder wire, and flux.


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Tin-Silver/Tin-Silver-Copper Alloys (SAC Alloys)

SAC alloys have become the standard alloy choice throughout the electronics assembly industry, most commonly SAC305. AIM’s SAC alloys provide excellent solder joint reliability, fatigue resistance and copper dissolution rates. AIM’s SAC alloys comply with IPC, JEDEC, RoHS, and REACH lead-free soldering standards.



Low/No Silver Alloys

AIM’s low and no silver alloys provide high performance options compared with the SAC type alloys but with a significant cost saving. AIM’s low and no silver alloy offerings are headlined by next generation REL61TM and the patented SN100C alloy. Both alloys are lower cost options with similar or superior soldering and reliability characteristics compared to SAC alloys. AIM’s low and no silver alloys comply with IPC, RoHS, and REACH standards.




High Reliability Solder Alloys

AIM’s high reliability alloys offer enhanced durability for use in extremely harsh environments. AIM’s REL22TM high reliability alloy provides superior thermal cycling performance, improved wetting, and high mechanical strength. AIM’s high reliability alloys can mitigate tin whisker formation and reduce voiding compared to other high reliability alloys. AIM’s high reliability alloys comply with IPC, RoHS, and REACH standards.

 REL Alloys




Low Melting Temperature Solder Alloys

AIM’s low temperature soldering materials includes low and reduced temperature reflow requirements. AIM’s lead-free low temperature alloys provide a melting temperature of 140°C-170°C reducing peak reflow temperatures by as much as 50°C.  AIM low temperature fluxes have been specially formulated to work in combination with Sn/Bi (X) alloys to provide excellent processing characteristics as well as excellent wetting and joint strength.

 Low Temp Alloy


Leaded Solder Alloys

AIM’s leaded solder alloys offer a low melting point and increased reliability over lead free solder alternatives. AIM’s leaded (Pb-bearing) solder alloys continue to be used/specified in medical, military, and aerospace applications.