Solder Materials for Military and Aerospace

RMA Uses in Military and Aerospace

Rosin and tin-lead based products have been part of the standard operating process for military and aerospace solder applications for over 30 years. In 2006, European environmental directives such as RoHS and WEEE ushered in a new standard specifically restricting the use of lead in most electronic assemblies. This movement has propelled a worldwide, lead-free movement that has had a major impact on the availability of leaded products.

AIM Solder understands that the military and aerospace sector is committed to building a highly reliable product that can endure harsh environments such as extreme temperature, aggressive vibration, and shock stresses. We also understand the value placed on the longevity of a product. 

At AIM, we are aware that as lead-based components disappear from the marketplace and chemistries transition from gum-rosin to no clean, the military and aerospace sector face several significant challenges. AIM is committed to meeting those needs as high reliability remains a crucial aspect in all military and aerospace assemblies. Through our dedicated support system, we provide application engineering to aid in a smooth transition without affecting reliability as well as offering 24 hour, 7 day-a-week technical support assistance.

AIM offers a full range of tin-lead and lead-free RMA products for the military and aerospace sector as well as cleaning recommendations that meet the specific needs of the military and aerospace industry. 


What is RMA Solder?

Rosin is a mixture of organic acids that is non-reactive and non-corrosive at ambient temperature, however mild reaction occurs to metal oxides in the molten state. Rosin typically becomes fully molten at around 120° C. Molten rosin is weakly acidic and is able to dissolve thinner layers of surface oxides from copper without further additives. For heavier surface contamination or improved process speed, additional activators can be added.

The RMA designator is not a current designator of products since QQS-571 and MIL-14256 have been transferred to IPC-J-STD 004, 005 and 006. Under this standard, RMA is categorized as ROL0 or ROL1. However, AIM personnel still understand the RMA terminology and can provide a current product for these needs. AIM also offers the standard lead bearing alloys in these chemistries.


Recommended AIM RMA Solder Products

Below please find a list of AIM's recommended RMA products designed primarily for military and aerospace applications.

AIM RMA258-15R Solder Paste

- Available in tin-lead and lead-free

- Long pause-to-print capabilities

- Enhances fine print definitions         

- Excellent wetting, even with leadless devices

- Reduced voiding

- No head-in-pillow


AIM RMA202-25 Liquid Flux

- Rosin activated

- Non-corrosive residues

- Non-hydroscopic residues

- Improved soldering performance

- Residues removable with a saponifier

- Can be foamed, sprayed, dipped or brushed


AIM RMA 3% Cored Wire

- Available in tin-lead and lead-free alloys

- Good activity level

- Mildly activated flux

- Good wetting properties

- Good thermal transfer

- Glycol-free