Environmental Awareness

AIM recognizes the impact that business activity has on the environment and its natural resources. We are committed to reaching Net-Zero and reducing the impact on the environment from our operations by 2050, working closely with all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, local and national regulatory bodies.​


As "cradle-to-grave" legislation is implemented, working with a supplier that is able to reclaim scrap metal is critical.  AIM is one of the few solder suppliers capable of performing on-site solder waste recycling. AIM’s solder recycling service is easy, environmentally-friendly and compliant with all federal, state, and provincial regulations. All reclamation materials support non-electronics markets.

Transportation & Logistics

AIM is committed to the reduction of fuel and energy consumption and optimization of turn times and capacity and is fully compliant with new environmental regulations. AIM works with environmentally-conscious transportation partners.

Operational Energy

AIM is committed to reducing its carbon footprint to reduce its impact on the environment by taking such actions as:

• Elimination of gas and propane-powered forklifts to reduce emissions, hazardous materials storage and waste fluids
• LED motion detection factory lighting used to reduce energy consumption
• Implementation of solar power,  reducing air pollution and dependence on non-renewable energy sources

Waste Material

AIM is committed to respecting the environment, even at the end of the lifecycle. AIM works with several partners who will regenerate the waste or find a second useful life for things such as:

• Used oil
• Foundry residues
• Cardboard & paper

Water & Wastewater

Water is an essential element in AIM’s operations. Water towers installed at every factory ensure reduced demand at the municipal level and allow reuse of treated water, minimizing the company’s ecological footprint.

Compliance & Certification

AIM is compliant with the RBA Code of Conduct which establishes standards to ensure that business operations are environmentally-responsible and conducted ethically.

AIM is ISO14001 certified. This internationally agreed upon standard sets the requirements for an environmental management system and helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.


Find AIM’s policies and certifications herehttps://aimsolder.com/environmental-conflict-metal-policies