Bar Solder

Zero defect wave soldering requires consistent solder quality. Contaminants and high oxide levels in bar solder can result in a variety of wave soldering defects such as bridging, projections, and poor wetting. To avoid these issues, AIM’s low drossing solder bar alloys provide a high purity product exceeding IPC, JEDEC and IEC requirements.

AIM Electropure™ bar solder is processed from high-quality, virgin metals in a proprietary method that removes contaminants and reduces dissolved oxides. AIM’s Electropure™ technique results in an extremely pure, low-drossing solder bar that increases throughput and decreases defects.


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Dross Comparison of AIM Electropure Bar vs. Competitors

500 pounds of each type of alloy was heated in a wave solder pot at 500°F for 6 hours. The pot was de-drossed every 3 hours. After 6 hours the amount of dross generated from each type of solder was weighed. AIM’s bar solder has proven to reduce drossing as compared to competitive brands.








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