Dross Reclamation

AIM Solder's Dross Reclamation Program relieves you of the cost and responsibility of properly disposing spent solder.  

AIM’s solder recycling service is easy, environmentally friendly, and complies with all federal, state, and provincial regulations. As an AIM customer, you will be provided with free reclamation buckets and shipping labels along with instructions for returning dross. Once dross is received and analyzed, customers receive credit for the recovery value of their material.

With over 65 years of experience in the reclamation and recycling of metals, AIM is one of the few producers of metals that are capable of performing on-site solder waste recycling. As "cradle to grave" legislation is implemented, working with a metals supplier that is able to reclaim scrap metal is critical. Our Solder Recycling Service is another example of what our customers call the AIM Advantage™.


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Solder Recycling Service Process Steps
  1. Dross or pot metal residues of solder alloys containing a minimum of 60% tin by weight are eligible for return. Contact AIM to inquire about the return of other materials.

  2. To participate in the program, simply contact your AIM customer service representative at +1 401-463-5605 to receive your AIM solder recycle buckets, free of charge. You will also receive additional detailed information on the solder recycling program itself.

  3. Accumulate at least 250 pounds of recyclable materials and contact our customer service department for instructions on how to return full buckets to AIM. Freight will be paid on quantities of 1000 pounds or greater.

  4. AIM will issue an RMA for the material and will send any necessary paperwork and shipping information to you.

Once AIM receives your material we will calculate its value. The amount paid/credited for recyclable solder is based on:

  • The current metals market prices.

  • The total weight returned.

  • An analysis of the returned alloy.

  • The condition of the material received.

For solder waste, restitution will be made within 45 days after an invoice has been submitted to AIM. If a balance is owed to AIM, a credit will be issued. The material must be received by AIM prior to issuing restitution.