High Reliability Alloys

The Best Choice for High Reliability Soldering Applications


REL61™ and REL22™ lead-free solder alloys have been developed to meet the demands of an evolving solder market.  Greater durability, lower costs and lower processing temperature are key drivers and AIM REL61 and REL22 provide assemblers with new tools to improve product quality in the assembly process.  REL alloys have demonstrated reduced tin whisker formation as well as outperforming SAC alloys in thermal shock, vibration and drop shock resistance, making these alloys the ideal choice for all electronics applications. Available in bar solder, wire solder, solder paste.


Which REL Alloy is the Best Choice For Me?


 REL61 Lead-Free Solder Alloy

REL61 is ideally suited for competitive industries which need a lower cost, enhanced durability alloy.  REL61 has repeatedly demonstrated reliability gains over SAC305 and other low/no silver alloys in thermal cycling performance such as LED lighting, in-cabin automotive electronics and high power applications. REL61 provides the electronics assembly marketplace a low cost alternative to SAC alloys that has the reliability and performance characteristics equal to or greater than SAC305 and other low/no-silver solder alloys. Read more about REL61 here.



  REL22 High Reliability Lead-Free Solder Alloy *2017 NPI Award Winner*

REL22 has also been developed to provide PCB designers and assemblers with the most durable alloy option possible.  REL22 has demonstrated twice the durability of SAC305 in thermal cycling and mechanical performance.  REL22 addresses production quality issues associated with similar alloys including Sn/Ag/Bi/Sb/Ni/Cu, such as pin-holes on SMT solder joints and voiding on BTC components. Testing demonstrates that REL22 is well suited to extreme thermal exposure operating environments such as under-hood automotive, avionics/aerospace and other severe operating environments. The low creep rates exhibited by REL22 make it ideal for applications where thermal shock, vibration and high g-forces are experienced.  Read more about REL22 here.



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