AIM Solder Technical Support Services

AIM Solder offers a variety of solder and specialty products and technical support to assist any size customer.  

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  • Solder Joint Analysis - AIM Solder’s Reliability Analysis Program provides analytical support services such as solder joint and cleanliness analysis to ensure the integrity and reliability of these parts and assembled products before a failure occurs.

  • Stencil Design Support - Solder paste defects may be prevented as early as the pre-design stage. The design of the stencil and its apertures is vital to ensure acceptable paste performance. Due to the importance of this parameter, AIM offers a stencil design support and consultation service.

  • ​Solder Analysis - The solder in a wave solder machine can become contaminated with other metals dissolved during the soldering process. Our solder support services include solder testing and analysis to help prevent defects.

  • Dross Reclamation - Our solder recycling service is easy, environmentally friendly, and complies with all federal, state, and provincial regulations.  You will be provided with free reclamation buckets and shipping labels along with instructions for returning dross.

  • Consulting - Our solder support personnel will work with the customer’s process engineers and machine operators, sharing their expertise in soldering materials and applications, until the issue has been resolved completely.

  • Technical Training - We offer seminars, training sessions, and more.