AIM Liquid Flux and Paste Flux

AIM’s wide selection of fluxes are available in no clean, water soluble and RMA formulations engineered to provide exceptional soldering performance to fulfill demanding thru-hole and SMT assembly requirements. AIM’s flux products offer a broad range of benefits with proven performance in wave, selective, and rework soldering applications. AIM’s flux products are available for use with tin/lead, lead-free and low temperature solder alloys. 

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No Clean Flux

AIM’s no clean flux is designed to leave minimal, electrochemically safe post-process residues. AIM’s no clean flux provides fast wetting and increased PTH barrel fill while reducing common soldering defects including bridging and solder balls. AIM’s no clean flux activation system has a wide process window that can withstand high process temperatures.




 NC217 Gel Flux

 NC Paste Flux


Water Soluble Flux

AIM’s water soluble flux products offer a wide process widow with superior wetting characteristics and easy to clean post process residues.





AIM’s rosin based liquid flux is designed for use in avionic and military type applications with non-corrosive residues that can easily be cleaned using a solvent or saponifier. AIM’s rosin based flux provides improved soldering performance, excellent thermal transfer and can be foamed, sprayed or dipped.



VOC-Free Flux

AIM’s VOC-free liquid flux products are environmentally friendly, water based fluxes with exceptional performance and reliability characteristics. AIM’s VOC-free line offers excellent barrel fill and wetting performance with a wide process window.



Paste Flux

AIM’s paste flux is available in no clean, water soluble, and rosin based chemistries. AIM’s paste flux is for use in rework applications, general touch up, rework of PCBs, BGA rework and ball sphere attachment applications.

 NC Paste Flux


Flux Selection Guide:

Product Flux Type Wave Soldering Selective Soldering Rework/Hand Soldering Product Attributes
FX16 No Clean - • Halide/halogen-free
• High SIR performance
• Fast wetting and broad process window
NC275B No Clean - - • VOC-free, zero halide/halogen
• Broad process window
• High activity
NC280 No Clean - • Ideal for rework applications
• Halide-free
• High reliability applications
• Passes SIR unheated
NC217 Gel Flux No Clean - - • Ideal for BGA rework
• Wide process window
• Low voiding
• Passes SIR unheated
NC Paste Flux No Clean - - • Excellent wetting
• Ideal for rework and attaching spheres to BGA packages
WS715M Water Soluble - • Residues easy to clean with DI water
• pH neutral
• Low foaming in wash
• Excellent wetting
WS716 Water Soluble - • Halide/halogen-free
• Excellent wetting
• Wide process window
• Easy-to-clean residues
RMA202-25 Rosin - - • Non-corrosive/non-conductive Cleanable residue
• Military/high reliability applications
• IPC-A-610F class 3 compliant