REL22 High Reliability Lead-Free Solder Alloy

- Enhanced Durability for Use in Extremely Harsh Environments
- Reliability Equal to Sn/Ag/Bi/Sb/Ni/Cu Alloys with Wider Assembly Process Window
- Mitigates Tin Whisker Formation
- Creep Rates Lower Than SAC Alloys
- High Reliability / High Strength
- Improved Thermal Cycling Performance
- Improved Wetting Versus All Low/No-Silver Alloys
- For use in Lead-Free Process Only


AIM’s REL22™ alloy is comprised of tin, bismuth, silver, copper, antimony, nickel and trace amounts of elemental grain structure refiners. The alloy provides significantly improved durability for use in applications where thermal shock, vibration and high g-forces are a concern.

REL22 is the solution when SAC alloys are incapable of surviving in harsh environments, such as automotive, aerospace and geographical exploration equipment.


REL22™ High Reliability Solder Alloy was awarded Circuits Assembly’s New Product Introduction (NPI) Award 2018 at the IPC Apex at the San Diego Convention Center.

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