REL61 Lead-Free Solder Alloy

- Reduces Tin Whisker Formation
- Enhanced Reliability Versus SAC and Low/No-Silver Alloys
- Low Cost SAC Alloy
- Improved Thermal Cycling Performance
- Improved Wetting Versus All Low/No-Silver Alloys
- For use in Lead-Free Process Only


SMT & WAVE : One Alloy That Does It All

AIM’s REL61™ is comprised of tin, bismuth, silver, copper and trace amounts of elemental grain structure refiners. REL61 has proven to reduce tin whisker formation as well as outperforming SAC alloys in thermal shock, vibration and drop shock resistance.

REL61 provides the electronics assembly marketplace a low cost alternative to SAC alloys that has reliability and performance characteristics equal to or greater than SAC305 and other low/no-silver solder alloys. REL61 also has a lower melting temperature than all SAC and silver-free alloys and exhibits superior spread, flow and wetting in production testing.