Specialty Materials Division

Solder Fabrications

AIM’s specialty solder products are available in a variety of alloys with melting temperatures from 10°C to 400°C. These come in several forms, including:



AIM wire solders are produced in diameters ranging from .005" through .500" diameter with many alloys and flux cores to choose from. AIM wire solders are manufactured in specialty alloys (including pure indium and indium alloy), standard tin-lead alloys, and a broad range of lead-free alloys.  We also custom design alloys for unique applications. Many AIM wire solders are available with no-clean, water soluble, and RMA flux cores.  These flux cores promote excellent wetting while allowing for exceptional post-process reliability. Standard packaging for wire solder is on ½ lb. and 1 lb. spools. However, other spool sizes are available upon request.



AIM offers high-quality foil and ribbon in pure metals, specialty alloys (including pure indium and indium alloy), standard tin-lead alloys, as well as a broad range of lead-free alloys. Foils are available in many standard alloys and sizes, or we can custom produce these to meet your unique requirements (down to .002" thickness with widths as wide as 6"). Ribbon is supplied in continuous lengths with widths ranging from .010” to 4”, depending upon the specific alloy being manufactured.


Solder Preforms

AIM’S Solder Preforms provide a precise volume of solder for each solder joint that is uniform over high volumes. This provides high volume solder assembly operations with increased yield via precise delivery & control of solder to each interconnect. AIM's solder preforms are available in a wide range of alloys/melt points ranging from 60°C to 356°C. These alloys include gold-tin/gold-germanium, pure indium and indium alloys, RoHS compliant lead-free alloys, and standard tin-lead compositions. Preforms can be manufactured to any size or shape including rectangles, washers, discs, and frames. We also stamp complex parts to customer specifications; length / width / diameter: 0.010” ≤, thickness: 0.001” ≤  



Solder Paste

AIM is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of no-clean, water soluble, and RMA solder pastes designed to meet your most stringent SMT requirements. These pastes are available in a wide variety of packaging, powder size, and solder alloys, including lead-free alloys. AIM understands the many unique solder paste applications and is able to offer compatible flux chemistries to meet all of these requirements.


For further information email us or call AIM’s specialty materials department at +1 401-463-5605.