AIM products now available online

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA - AIM Solder has teamed up with the electronic manufacture supply leader, Stanley Supply and Services, to offer AIM’s advanced solder products such as lead-free bar solder, wire solder, solder epoxy, and solder paste through Stanley Supply & Services e-commerce site.

The partnership provides solder customers greater capabilities than ever before due to Stanley’s online vendor managed inventory programs, nationwide supply capabilities, and an e-commerce procurement system that can simplify the supply chain. Stanley also provides knowledgeable customer support, easy ordering and account management, same day shipping, an online knowledge base, and also international and government sales. AIM’s solder line includes surface mount epoxy, SN100C lead-free bar solder, water-soluble and no-clean wire solder, water-soluble and no-clean solder paste, flux, and more.

“The availability of AIM Solder products on Stanley’s website is a definite advantage for multi-site customers offering material continuity with volume discounts.” said Tim O’Neill, Northeast Regional Manager. “Their web based inventory system along with nationwide capabilities, highly dedicated sales staff, and same day shipping can definitely save a firm time and money”

Stanley Supply and Services has been a leading supplier of products for the electronic manufacture and assembly industry for over 50 years and is also known for Jensen Tools.

To view AIM’s solder line on Stanley Supply & Services site visit:



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