AIM adds Additional Sales & Support to upstate New York

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA - AIM Solder has added industry veteran, Andy Bresnahan, with Performance Technologies Group, as representative for upstate New York.  Performance Technologies is an established manufacturers’ representative company serving the Upstate New York electronics and industrial assembly market.  Andy will work closely with end-users to showcase  AIM’s unique solder solutions, including lead-free and halide-free products along with solder paste, liquid flux, bar solder, wire solder, solder preforms, adhesives, plating anodes, indium alloys, and gold alloys.  Andy is an expert at product demonstrations, process assistance, and problem resolution.  

Andy brings more than 20 years of professional sales experience and knowledge in electronic materials sales. Prior to joining Performance Technologies Group in early 2009, Andy worked for worked for a number of metal technology firms including London Chemical Company. Andy is also a member of the ESDA and SMTA.

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About AIM

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with locations worldwide, AIM is a leading global manufacturer of assembly materials for the electronics industry. The company produces solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder, adhesives, preforms, and specialty alloys such as indium and gold for electronics assembly, PC fabrication, component manufacturing, and other industries.  For more information on how we can assist you visit




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