AIM’s Mehran Maalekian Ph.D. to Present at ICSR Toronto 2016

Cranston, Rhode Island - AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, announces that Dr. Mehran Maalekian, AIM’s Research and Development Manager, will present his white paper “Development of Lead-Free High-Reliability Solder Alloy” at the International Conference on Soldering and Reliability in Toronto, Canada on May 10th, 2016. Dr. Maalekian’s presentation will begin at 9:00am as a part of the Bismuth-Containing Solders session. The International Conference on Soldering and Reliability has quality speakers every year covering topics such as stencils for disparate-sized components, tin whiskers, head-in-pillow, and reliability issues. 

The objective of Dr. Maalekian’s paper is to identify a lead-free solder alloy with superior creep resistance that is suitable for high temperature applications.  The paper looks at the effects of Ni, Bi, Sb and some micro-alloy dopants on mechanical and soldering performance of lead-free solder alloy based on SAC system. A systematic study is presented for the development of a new solder alloy (Sn-Ag-Cu-Bi-X) with relatively low melting temperature (compared to SAC305).  It is demonstrated that the new alloy system has superior high temperature performance while retaining the well understood and positive characteristics associated with SAC alloys.

Dr. Mehran Maalekian is experienced in materials engineering with a focus on physical metallurgy, soldering, modelling in materials engineering, and thermo-mechanical processes. Since the start of his career Dr. Maalekian has received numerous recognitions such as; the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Award, the International Henry Granjon Prize (IIW), and IWS-Sossenheimer Award. Dr. Maalekian has been involved in numerous research studies and papers in the industry. 


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