Stencil Design Support

Prevent solder paste defects as early as the pre-design stage. Design of the stencil and its apertures is vital to ensure acceptable solder paste performance. Due to the importance of this parameter, AIM Solder offers stencil design support and consultation services.

AIM Solder’s technical service professionals are experienced in the area of stencil and aperture design. By maintaining relationships with stencil manufacturers, AIM’s technical support remains current on the latest stencil technology. Defects such as solder beading, opens, and skips may be remedied immediately by utilizing this technology in the solder paste printing process. Such improvements help make the solder paste printing and assembly processes more operator-friendly, efficient, and less prone to solder paste defects.

For help with solder stencil and aperture requirements, complete our contact form or call our global technical department at +1 401-463-5605 for assistance.