AIM to Participate in SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum on June 25th, 2015

Cranston, Rhode Island USA - June 22, 2015 - AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials, will highlight their new M8 No Clean Solder Paste along with their full line of solder assembly materials at the SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place June 25th, 2015 at the Marriott Minneapolis Southwest in Minnetonka, Minnesota. An evolution of the highly successful NC258 platform, M8 is designed for the most demanding high-density electronic assemblies.

Developed in combination with T4 and finer mesh lead-free alloy powders, M8 provides stable transfer efficiencies required for today’s challenging applications. A novel activator system provides powerful, durable wetting action accommodating a wide range of profiling processes and techniques. M8 eliminates HiP defects on BGA and reduced voiding on QFN/BTC components while producing bright shiny solder joints, leaving minimal, high purity residue engineered to be safely left in place.

Additionally, AIM will highlight its liquid fluxes, tin/lead and lead-free alloys, including SN100C. To discover all of AIM’s products and services, including lead-free and halogen-free solder, visit the company at SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum for more information.

About AIM 

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, AIM Solder is a leading global manufacturer of assembly materials for the electronics industry with manufacturing, distribution and support facilities located throughout the world. AIM produces advanced solder products such as solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder, epoxies, lead-free and halogen-free solder products, preforms, and specialty alloys such as indium and gold for a broad range of industries. A recipient of many prestigious SMT industry awards, AIM is strongly committed to innovative research and development of product and process improvement as well as providing customers with superior technical support, service and training. Learn more information about AIM Solder here.

Upcoming Events: 

June 25, 2015 - SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum – Minnetonka, Minneapolis 

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