NC257MD Jet Printing Solder Paste

- Specially Engineered for Mycronic Jet Printers
- Clear Pin-Probe Testable Residue
- Excellent Wetting, Even Leadless Devices
- Reduces Voiding Under Micro-BGAs
- 8-12 Hour Tack Time
- Vapor Phase Compatible
- For Use With Mycronic AG Type Ejector


NC257MD solder paste has been specifically developed for Mycronic Jet Printers. Its unique rheological properties were engineered and validated through extensive testing in collaboration with Mycronic to provide continuous and consistent deposits. NC257MD prolongs ejector life and reduces paste scrap and consumption. The superior wetting ability of NC257MD results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints and reduced voiding on BGA and BTC devices. NC257MD produces low post reflow flux residues, which remain crystal clear and easily probed even at the elevated temperatures required for lead-free alloys.