WS715M Liquid Flux

- Neutral PH Flux
- Lead-Free and Tin-Lead Compatible
- Excellent Wetting
- Wide Process Window
- Can Be Foamed, Sprayed, Brushed or Dipped
- Passes IPC Requirements
- Available in Industry Standard Sizes


WS715M is a neutral alcohol based, organically activated, rosin-free, water soluble liquid flux designed specifically for wave solder applications. Though designed for application via foam fluxer, WS715M may also be applied by automated flux sprayers, dipped, or brushed on with favorable results. WS715M is a buffered flux that has a wide activation range and good wetting characteristics that produce bright shiny solder joints. WS715M performs well with bare copper, solder coated, and organic coated pwbs. Since WS715M flux is still active post-process, all residues must be removed from pwbs.