Underfill FF35

- Excellent Capillary Function for Fast Reflow
- Compatible with No-Clean Flux Residues
- Good Storage Properties
* Non-REACH Compliant
- Reworkable at 120° C
- No Voiding


Underfill FF35 is a low surface tension, one component epoxy resin designed for use as a capillary flow underfill for flip chip, CSP, BGA and uBGA assemblies. Underfill FF35 offers excellent capillary action for flat, fast and complete spread. Underfill FF35 offers superior reliability through high Tg, low CTE, good fill, no voiding, compatibility with no-clean flux residues and excellent adhesion. Faster throughput and higher yields are achieved through excellent capillary action, faster flow characteristics and rapid cure speeds. Underfill FF35 may be reworked at 120°C (250°F). The viscosity of Underfill FF35 remains stable throughout its shelf life. This product is suitable for bare chip protection in a broad variety of small die applications.