Surface Mount Epoxy 4089

- Developed for Dispensing Applications
- Robust Handling Characteristics
- One Part Thermal Cure Epoxy
- Non-Stringing Formula
- High Shear Strength
- RoHS Compliant


Epoxy 4089 is a single part, epoxy adhesive used for bonding SMT components to a PWB prior to double sided reflow or wave solder assembly. Epoxy 4089 has been formulated for use in all types of high speed dispensing equipment including air pressure, auger valve, piston and pinch tube. Epoxy 4089 will not string or tail and provides consistent dot shape, size and volume. With a 6 month unrefrigerated shelf life, Epoxy 4089 has robust storage properties eliminating many of the handling issues associated with other chip bonder epoxies. Epoxy 4089 has sufficient tack force needed for use with high speed placement equipment.