WS735 Water Soluble Liquid Flux

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA - AIM is pleased to announce the development of WS-735 a new organo-halide activated, alcohol-based water-soluble liquid flux developed by AIM specifically for wave soldering operations. The formulation of WS-735 produces exceptional solder wetting to a variety of metallic surfaces, including difficult-to-solder parts, and produces bright and shiny solder joints. WS-735 is active at room temperature, and the enhanced activity level of WS-735 has proven to have excellent soldering capabilities. WS-735 performs well with bare copper, solder coated, and organic coated printed circuit boards.

WS-735 may be applied by spray, foam, dipping, or brushing with favorable results. The post-process residues of WS-735 will not foam during cleaning, even in high-pressure automated cleaners. In addition, a water temperature of 100° - 150°F is sufficient for removing any residues and will produce MIL-F-28809 ionic cleanliness levels. A saponifier may be used to facilitate cleaning, but is not necessary.

WS-735 is shipped ready-to-use, may be thinned with AIM’s Common Flux Thinner for foaming operations, and is available in all conventional packaging.



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