AIM to Highlight NC258 Lead-Free & Tin-Lead Solder Paste at SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA - AIM, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for electronics assembly, PC fabrication, component manufacturing and other industries, will highlight its NC258 Lead-Free & Tin-Lead Solder Paste at the upcoming SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Thursday, June 7, 2012 from 10am-3pm at the Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington Hotel in Bloomington, MN.

AIM’s most robust solder paste, NC258, has been developed to offer long pause-to-print capabilities while enhancing fine print definitions. NC258 Solder Paste reduces defects such as voiding and head-in-pillow. The superior wetting ability of NC258 results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints. Additionally, the paste offers very low post-process residues that remain crystal clear even at the elevated temperatures required for today’s lead-free alloys.
Also at the show will be two popular no-clean spray fluxes NC265LR and NC275LR. AIM’s alcohol-based NC265LR and VOC-free NC275LR are halide-free, no-clean liquid fluxes formulated to offer a very wide process window allowing for extremely good wetting, even to difficult-to-wet materials. NC265LR and NC275LR offer low post-process residues and have proven to reduce preventative maintenance requirements for spray fluxing applications. Both NC265LR and NC275LR are safe to be left on the circuit board and pass SIR in the raw state. Extremely safe for rework, palletized wave soldering and point-to-point selective soldering, these fluxes are compatible with a broad range of lead-free and tin-lead solder alloys.
Additionally, the company will highlight its tin-lead and lead-free alloys, including SN100C. SN100C is a lead-free solder alloy developed by Nihon Superior in Japan that is comprised of tin-copper-nickel + germanium.
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About AIM
Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, AIM is a leading global manufacturer of assembly materials for the electronics industry.  The company produces solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder, adhesives, preforms, and specialty alloys such as indium and gold for electronics assembly, PC fabrication, component manufacturing and other industries. For more information, visit AIM on the Web at, or e-mail
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