NC270WR VOC-Free Lead-Free Compatible Wave Solder Flux

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA - AIM has introduced 270WR, a VOC-free, no-clean liquid flux formulated to offer a broad process window for lead-free and tin-lead wave soldering applications. 270WR has proven to be an excellent flux for a variety of process parameters and applications, including lead-free wave soldering with tin-silver-copper, tin-silver, tin-copper, and other alloys. 270WR offers a broad activation range, allowing for very good barrel fill, bright and shiny solder joints, and excellent solderability, even to difficult-to-wet materials. 270WR also offers ultra-low post-process residues and has proven to reduce. 270WR is a virtual drop-in for alcohol-based fluxes and offers the significant advantage of being non-hazardous and more environmentally friendly than traditional fluxes. 270WR also has proven to significantly reduce flux usage, wave soldering defect levels, and preventative maintenance requirements for spray fluxing applications, making it an exceptionally cost-effective material.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, AIM is a leading global manufacturer of assembly materials for the electronics industry. The company produces solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder, adhesives, preforms and specialty alloys such as indium and gold for the electronics assembly, PC fabrication, component manufacturing and other industries. AIM may be contacted at, or visit AIM on the web at



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