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   is more than a word...

     it's our passion


With roots in the world of metal stretching back over 80 years, AIM has evolved from humble beginnings into an international leader in the development, manufacture, and application of electronic assembly materials and this could only have happened with the commitment of passionate and motivated people.

One of the standouts of AIM’s culture is the diversity of our people across the globe. AIM’s team possesses a wealth of knowledge and industry experience and is known for its unmatched flexibility when it comes to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.



Meet AIM Solder's Team



Q: What does AIM represent for you?

Having been part of the AIM Solder family for the better part of my professional career has been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.  A family-owned and -run company, with ownership that cares about its employees, nurtures talent and rewards passion, AIM is a truly inspiring company to work for.  The company values its customers and is committed to providing excellence in every aspect of the business.  Never satisfied, everyone from research and development to technical support, and everyone in between, strives to continually find new ways to improve our products and service.  I'm proud to be a part of such a dedicated and talented team of professionals!   

Q: What does the electronics assembly industry mean to you?

The electronics industry is such an integral part of our lives, it's impossible to ignore.  Advancements have made life easier, faster, brighter, better sounding and generally more comfortable.  Glance up from the mobile phone or tablet you are reading this on and take a look around; you're surrounded by solder!  

Kelly CardoneAIM Director of Marketing & Customer Experience



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