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   is more than a word...

     it's our passion


With roots in the world of metal stretching back over 80 years, AIM has evolved from humble beginnings into an international leader in the development, manufacture, and application of electronic assembly materials and this could only have happened with the commitment of passionate and motivated people.

One of the standouts of AIM’s culture is the diversity of our people across the globe. AIM’s team possesses a wealth of knowledge and industry experience and is known for its unmatched flexibility when it comes to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.



Meet AIM Solder's Team



Q: What does AIM represent for you?

I have been working at AIM since 2009 and have always enjoyed the culture of performance and collaboration within the company. It feels great to be surrounded with passionate people at every level of the organization. We’re continuously trying to get better at what we do, as a team, with an ultimate goal to be the best supplier for the electronic assembly materials industry. 

Q: What does the electronics assembly industry mean to you?

The electronic industry is evolving at such a fast pace, it changes the way that we live our lives, and it obviously makes the world so much more productive. It’s very motivating to work in such a dynamic environment! 

Francis LapierreVice President Finance & Operations AIM



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