- Non-Spattering Formula
- VOC-Free
- High Activity
- Excellent Wetting
- Compatible With Most Base Metals
- Available in Industry Standard Sizes


WS730 is a water-based, high activity liquid flux designed to offer low-spattering and excellent wetting, even to difficult-to-solder parts. WS730 is formulated for a variety of electronic, electrical and industrial applications, including wire, cable, and terminal lead tinning and soldering, flat and round wire fabrication, and semiconductor and component lead tinning. WS730 will solder to copper, beryllium-copper, nickel, alloy 42, alloy 51, nickel, brass, some steels and other base metals. The broad activity range of WS730 makes it an excellent choice for tin/lead, tin/silver, tin/bismuth, indium and other solder alloys.